Water is so vital to our existence and this has
to do with the unique characteristics that water has. It is the number one
substance in fluid form at the same has the same temperature of the ground of
our planet. Also, it is dissolvable, which means other substances dissolve in it.
This lets in water to deliver dietary supplements to cells, and divert squander
from them. In addition to the above, water has the ability to expand when it
becomes solid. This means it becomes less dense and is referred to as ice. This
is very important for our existence because it guarantees the water under the
surface is protected from solidifying or freezing. This means if water is
denser it would sink, permitting each other layer of water to solidify. At the
end water over the complete floor of our planet would possibly solidify, making
existence impossible. The unique characteristics include the expansion of water
upon freezing, density and surface tension.

The extension of water after solidifying is
important for existence on earth. This makes ice less thick as a solid than as
a fluid. This means ice will not sink in water, in other words it will float in
fluid water. Hydrogen bonding is the source of this property. Water solidifies
when its particles are not moving enough to break their hydrogen bonds. When
water solidifies, it becomes locked in a crystalline frame and each water
molecule bonds to four neighboring molecules. The hydrogen bonds allow the
particles to be kept separated with the purpose that ice is less thick than
fluid water at 4 degrees Celsius. This might seem unimportant but the well
being of nature could surely change if water changed into less thick than ice.
All of the waterways might in the long run solidify if ice sank, essentially
making life on the planet unimaginable. This influences aquatic life since it
enables it to exist submerged when it is chilly and when ice is above it. That
way, the ice doesn’t sink and rather glides. Additionally, water is grinding
away densest at around 4 degrees Celsius. This implies that aquatic life at the
bottom of the ocean is adjusted to comparable temperatures.

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Surface pressure is the vitality, or work,
required to expand the surface zone of a fluid because of intermolecular
powers. Since these intermolecular powers shift contingent upon the idea of the
fluid or solutes in the fluid. Regardless of whether you know it or not, you as
of now have seen surface pressure at work. At whatever point you fill a glass
of water too far, you may see a short time later that the level of the water in
the glass is really higher than the tallness of the glass. You may have
additionally seen that the water that you spilled has framed into pools that
ascent up off the counter. Both of these wonders are because of surface
pressure. In an example of water, there are two sorts of particles. Those that
are outwardly, outside and those that are within, inside. The inside particles
are pulled in to every one of the atoms around them, while the outside atoms
are pulled in to just the other surface particles and to those beneath the
surface. This makes it with the goal that the vitality condition of the atoms
on the inside is much lower than that of the particles on the outside. Along
these lines, the atoms attempt to keep up a base surface region, in this manner
enabling more particles to have a lower vitality state. This is the thing that
makes what is alluded to as surface strain. Surface tension is very important
as it acts like a shield preventing dust from penetrating the water particles
and polluting the ecosystem.

All the oceans would freeze and there wouldn’t be
any aquatic life if the density of water would be more when changing the temperature
and state of matter making the ice sink and freeze all the below levels. The
properties of water made life possible on this earth and further more it
allowed us mankind to develop in a major way from an environmental and
economical point of view. Due to this, aquatic life, trading, transportation,
fishing, to name just a few are possible.

Water is one of the prime elements responsible
for life on earth. Water circulates through the land just as it does through
the human body, transporting, dissolving, replenishing, nutrients and organic
matter, while carrying away waste material. Further in the body, it regulates
the activities of fluids, tissues, cells, lymph, blood and glandular
Furthermore, it is considered that the unique features of water properties made
life possible and easier. 

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