(b) Democratic Ideal Based Education:

American schools are governed by the Boards constituted by the elected members of the people. These schools are established by the people and for the people. Thus education there is democratic and presents the democratic ideal.

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People get equal opportunities. Education is the responsibility of the State Governments but the local units fulfill their obligations freely.

(c) Single Ladder System:

All the states have similar stages of education. All the states have primary, secondary, and higher and vocational stages of education. Technical and vocational education is given after the secondary stage. Lower stages prepare students for higher stages.

(d) Similar Financial Resources:

Most of the educational expenditure is borne by the people. State Governments and the Federal Government give grants-in-aid.

(e) Dynamic Trends and Experimental Facilities:

Educationists base the educational system of a country on the ideals adored by the country. This is true of American educational system also. The facilities for various scientific inventions exist because of the thought and guidance of educationists propagated from time to time.

This has made American education new and most modern. American education not only prepares the citizen for his own life but makes him capable of contributing to society as well.

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