(3) Multi-purpose schools will produce able citizens. The inclusion of literary and practical subjects has been done with the sole purpose of enabling the student to acquire both the types of education so that along with his cultural and social development he may also develop his personality and become a responsible and worthy citizen.

(4) It has been stressed in the scheme of multi-purpose schools submitted by the Mudaliar Commission that the students after the completion of secondary education should become self-supporting.

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They should in no circumstances be parasities. They should acquire the knowledge of a subject to the extent that they could easily earn their livelihood by practising it. But it should be borne in mind that the ultimate aim of multi-purpose school is not to make students into artisans and mechanic.

Therefore, a proper place has been given in the curriculum to other subjects besides the vocational and technical ones in order to ensure proper and all-round development of a student. Care has also been taken to see that cultural and mental development take place along with the other aspects of student’s personality.

The Nainital Educational Seminar of 1957 also discussed this important question of the setting-up of multi-purpose schools. It came to the conclusion that the following objectives might be fulfilled through such schools:

(a) Interest towards co-operation should be developed amongst students through these schools by providing them with education in constructive, productive and other beneficial works for the society. Students will then stand on their own feet.

(b) Through proper planning and adjustments the multi­purpose schools may create in students love for acquiring knowledge of different subjects and act independently in accomplishing the related work.

(c) The students through these schools may be inspired to add to national assets. They may be inspired to uplift the national character.

(d) It is expected of these multi-purpose schools that they will enable the students to acquire efficiency in a vocation to an extent which will enable them to earn their livelihood easily.

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