i. Rainwater is a safe form of water because it is not contaminated with chemicals and industrial refuse. This is the best way to make freshwater available.

ii. Houses that have rainwater harvesting are self- sufficient. They will not need to buy water and this makes the process economically viable as well.

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iii. If rainwater is stored properly, we will not need to exploit natural resources like groundwater and rivers.

iv. Rainwater harvesting will also help manage water crisis and avoid flood and droughts.

v. With rainwater being used and reused, we will be able to better manage the underground water table. This will avoid water crisis in the future.

Rainwater harvesting process:

i. When rainwater falls on a house, it is collected and not allowed to flow away. Rainwater is gathered from the catchment, which is the area that receives rainwater. It can be the roof of the house or the backyard as well.

ii. Mesh filters are placed on terraces to stop external matter like leaves and similar objects from entering the tanks with rainwater.

iii. There is a filter unit with these tanks that helps filter the rainwater which is accompanied with dust and grime.

iv. The second stage of filtering rainwater is with charcoal or sand filters to remove debris from the water before disposing it to the storage tank or the recharge area.

v. This rainwater is accumulated in underground tanks. The water is stored in a masonry tank or a plastic tank. These tanks have motors and conduits, or pipes, so that water can be directed properly. The tanks are also capable of managing an overflow of water that can happen in the case of a sudden rain.

vi. Groundwater recharge is required in places that do not have good quality of rainfall or where the chances of dirty water are more. These recharge structures can be bore wells or trenches.

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