Most of the administrators in the hospitals are professional physicians who waste 60 to 70 per cent of their time in routine administrative activities. Management of hospitals requires knowledge and competency in managerial and administrative sciences.

Thus, most of the present leaders in hospitals have no training in management sciences, and yet are made responsible for the management of health institutions.

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2. Lack of Funds for Hospitals Services:

Most of the hospitals have not involved the community resultantly there is a continual problem of financing.

3. Adaptation to External Pressures:

Most of the hospitals experience difficulty in adapting to external pressures such as government policies, trade unions and other political bodies.

4. Lack of Dedicated Professional Staff:

Due to ineffective manpower planning, recruitment, compensation and development systems, there is high degree of job dissatisfaction among health professionals.

5. Controls:

There are stringent financial and managerial controls exercised on the hospital administrative staff either by the department of health services in the case of public hospitals, or managing trustees in the case of other hospitals.

6. Ineffective Organisation and Allocation of Work:

Hospitals have experienced difficulties in clear cut division of work, clear job description; consequently there is ineffective utilisation of manpower.

7. Problems of Motivation and Job Satisfaction of Employees:

Most of the hospitals report problems of identifying motivated personnel and motivating the employees to provide adequate services.

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