What does there really hid beneath the surface of the Internet? Well, it is known as the deep web or the dark web or whatever you want to call it yourself. It does sound a little bit sinister and creepy, but it sure is in some ways. But what is it exactly? Did you already knew that there was a gigantic part of the internet that we could access but not just simply with Google or Yahoo? If we want to compare the size of the Internet, you will often hear that the surface Internet, which are the things we can find with search engines, would be the tip of an iceberg. This tip is only 6 % of the total Internet. You guys get the picture that the stuff below the water, 96%, is… you have probably guessed it already, belongs to the Deep Web.The Deep Web is any website that cannot be indexed by browser. In case of finding webpages, we can compare the software search engines use with spiders. They start by searching a few web pages at first, followed by following links on those pages to other pages and so on and so further. In this way there is forming a huge catalog of the Internet. However, at one point those ‘spiders’ come across specific things they simply cannot reach. Those ‘things’ are 4 billion pages, which is about 400-500 hundred times larger compared to the surface Internet.However the big question is: How do We get on the deep web? This question is actually very easy. We just need to download a software that is for everyone accessible. The most popular one is called ‘TOR’, which stands for ‘The Onion Router’. This software allows us to browse the deep web and host websites anonymously. Well, not really anonymously, but it is a sort of obstacle which hides you or let’s say ‘make you harder to find’. So it does not make you necessarily invisible. But in our world it is let’s say enough to let the NSA watch all your online activities.In the beginning we said that the deep web is in some ways sinister and creepy. We can explain this by making a difference between the deep web and the dark web. The deep web is more or less the legal part. It contains for example your bank account and a bunch of library catalogs. It mostly contains database driven websites or any part of a website that’s passed a login page. Also websites can simply choose to be found in search results. So that private photo album for all your memes, that’s part of the deep web. Besides all those legal things, there is a section of anonymous networks which is the so called Dark net.The deep web contains a large number of markets and services that operates on the Internet, but can only be accessed through the private network. Some of these services have included internet black markets. One of the biggest markets is Silk Road. This is the place where users have access to drugs, weapons and even murderers. As you probably thought, the currency they use is coded because money from websites like PayPal not used because it is not anonymous and secure enough. The coded currency is cryptocurrency. This is a sort of money which is converted into secure programmed codes. The most well known cryptocurrency of this time is of course bitcoin. One bitcoin is currently worth around 14 hundred dollars. Previous year the prices was around 700 dollars. As we can see the value is risen since it was designed to decrease in production over time. Compared to PayPal, bitcoin transactions cannot be tracked.The deep web does not provide unlimited access. There are still parts of the deep web that cannot be accessed without special privileges and equipments because of it’s impenetrable security. It is even said that there is a part of the deep web, called the Marianas web. They say it is the 5th level of the internet, which is only be accessed with quantum computers. So it is almost impossible for hackers to penetrate it. It is said to contain humanity’s best-kept secrets like for example all the information about every secret organization (illuminati etc), the location of Atlantis and many more.

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