What is the energy that canada is usingoi please tell me what is energy Canada is using?They are mostly using the energy which is oil and why they use oil is because they are easy to get burned to energy, easy to get it out, easy to find and easy to contain it in as a can of oil.Is oil good or bad to use or is it super harmful?This will tell you some useful informations, first, it is easy to get turn to electric or easy to store.So this is basically the prosEasy to find, easy to store, or collect, easy to get turn to electricity and renewable.Cons of oil is that, it is an limited resources, will create a lot of pollution because of the burning, need to collect in the sea so it will also pollute the sea too because the waste when travel as some gas will spread in the the ocean if spilled will be super dangerous/dangerousLarge greenhouse gas emitter including CO2Progressively harder to find oil and gas depositsGlobal movement toward limiting oil and gas and using renewable energy sourcesEnvironmentally damaging, with potential catastrophic damage from large oil spillsLiving in canada? Will it save because of that much oils that they are using oil well this will tell you now our just read this. Canada is a good place to live but not great because of some pollution of natural gas, oil and electricity.P.s if you are thinking why Canada is a good place to live or whatever is because the amount of oil they are using so that’s why it says is Canada a good place to live so it is basically telling you that all the things or oils going on there.Diagrams, this diagram or picture is talkingConclusion   So what do you think about electricity much or using oil to create oil? Answer here(   ) so that how will you feel?                                  No or yes?What can you do to save the environment or make this world a better place and recycle? Well, this is up to you.                                                                                                                              

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