What is the university life? Do
you think so the kind of story which is attending study in university or
admission is hard but for my perspective achieving the university class is
harder? I think study in the Stamford University which I am taking bachelor’s
degree will be one of the best moments in my life. Since I step into the
university is life-changing which it do not matter where I have come from. It
make me exciting but there also have many times I feel stressed, disappointment
and do not know to deal with all the demands in my university life. Meeting
good friends it is important to let me know I am not in this journey. In
current, I have been receiving experience that I learn how to survive in my
first year at Stamford University. I just know that is not only smartness will
let students achieve the university life due to students who has low academic
skills. I was unhappy with my university class because I were expect so much on
study which let me cry sometimes I do not pass exams or get lower score than I
hope , there are many things happened to me in my university life that thought
me not only to be good in the class. I should know how to study happily that
will make my university class more effective with good physical and emotional. For
some university understudies, university life is a huge change in their lives
since they are agreed the opportunity to choose what to manage without the undue
influence of their parents. The students would make diverse decisions by themselves regarding
to all parts in their lives, for example social life, leisure activities and
academics skill. However, a lot of students found out that they have to struggle
with parent’s expectation where would like them to get a good result in their
academic performance. Moreover, society trusts that graduating from a good-ranking
university is greatest tool which can leads you to a good jobs, high pay rates
or salaries, and better social status. As from the result students have
tendency to meet a variety of stressful mostly linked to academic success.   Nowadays, so many amount of students try to
avoid to work hard which they are expect in studying to be easy or simple and
most of them willing to give up when 
face the challenges. They will complain university class is too
difficult and boring. This research will show students the necessary ways which
is the possessed from all students instead of talents and IQ. It includes the
ability to consider failure as a positive studying experience and it engages
student to keep trying until complete the university class. Perseverance will
drive students to recognize of work hard, sharpen students ability
problem-solving connect to their academic process.   Students with believing own potential can
let them pay more attention in the class though the academic environment.
Students can be better when have to face stress of university education if have
strong levels belief in their potential. The academic pressure faced by many students has a poor
study habits as poor time management skills, learning for exams and assignments
where can let to low academic performance   In
addition, to overcome the academic pressure from the stress students should use
reasonable coping strategies like as in any other of stressful situation. There
are different coping strategies that have used from students when experiencing
with academic stress. Meditation practice and create good study habits are
effective methods and strategies which enable a students to deal with academic
stress of university students. It can help students to manage with the best
sources of academic pressure which come from studying for exams and grade
competition in the university classes. To become successful students,
what is the strongest ways to help students complete the university class
effectively instead of talent and IQ, what is the best technique to help
student improve their physical and emotional under academic stress of
university students. Based on the research, perseverance and believing in their
own potential in studying are strongest way to help students increase
possibility to complete the university class, which doing meditate and creating
good study habits are the best technique to support students improve their physical
and emotional under the pressure of academic environment. 

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