Rapid Industrialization:

Industrialization requires a major amount of water to be used for industrial purposes. Water is excessively used in industrial processes like ore processing. At the same time, large amounts of industrial wastes are released into the water bodies, causing contamination of water. If water is not properly managed, it can lead to scarcity of water as well.

Indispensible Resource:

Water has many uses for mankind. From industries and agriculture to use at home and in hospitals, water cannot be ignored. Therefore, water is an indispensible resource. Mankind will be unable to exist without it. Contamination and scarcity of water also disrupts the existing flora and fauna.

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Changing Environmental Patterns:

The pace at which water as a natural resource is being wasted is causing an imbalance in nature. Weather across the globe is changing and the Earth does not receive rainfall at its due times. This has changed the environment, and floods and droughts have become common. Agriculture bears a direct effect of such environmental changes and lack of water or droughts can have economic repercussions on farmers.

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