2. Basic education has been recognised as the general national policy for primary education for the entire country. But this aim is not being achieved mainly for want of suitable text-books, although there are some other reasons also for its failure.

Of course, some books related to basic education have been published by the government. But more efforts are needed in this direction. This is possible only through the policy of nationalization of books.

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3. In order to raise the standard of text-books, the Indian Government is encouraging research in the field of text-books. But publishers cannot be compelled to accept the good results of this research.

It is necessary, therefore that the Central Government or State Government should undertake the responsibility of composition of good text-books. So the nationalisation of text-books is necessary.

4. It is more convenient for the government to prepare ideal text-books because it has got all the necessary resources. On the basis of these ideals books, other publishers and writers will .try to prepare good text- books. Evidently, nationalization of text-books will be useful.

5. Text-books are a good means for developing feelings of national integration and international understanding in the future citizens. This source can be suitably utilised only under the control of government, otherwise people of different classes, communities, castes and religions may use this source for serving their vested interest. So nationalization of text-books appears to be necessary for our healthy national development.

6. Nationalization will make good books available to students at more reasonable prices. It will give some relief to the guardians, because they can ill-afford to pay high prices for books prepared by private publishers.

7. Nationalization of text-books will enable the government to give books free to poor students more easily. This will help poor students.

8. The publishers do not like to publish books on some optional subjects because the number of students in those subjects is limited and there are low profits in their publication. So if some publisher brings out such books, he produces them in a careless manner.

Through nationalization good books will be made available even in optional subjects, as the aim of the government will be to render service in the field rather than to earn money.

9. Nationalization will bring uniformity in publication whereas the publications by different publishers lack this. The nationalization of books will help the teachers in understanding the prescribed courses soon. The books of other publishers sometimes make it difficult for the teachers to understand the prescribed courses.

10. The nationalization of text-books will give some income also to the government. This additional income may be utilised by the government for educational development. It is evident now that the nationalization of text-books has several advantages.

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