The story of Frankenstein, associated with the balance between good and evil, death and the progression of scientific knowledge back in the 19th century. Written by the imaginative and horrific mind of Mary Shelley back in 1816. Her thoughts written into a story shocked the views of many religious people, due to the fact that scientific experiments back then were seen as challenging god’s authority. – What is the novel about? Young scientist, victor Frankenstein wanting to for fill his ambition to create a human life whilst studying science at university.

-Mary Shelley’s family background: Mother ( extremely powerful and educated) died giving birth to her Death of her two children Coped with deaths in the family her whole life Grew up with science in day to day life, aware of Galvani and what he was doing in life, shocking muscles in small creatures such as a frog to make them twitch- maybe inspiring her to create such book- Frankenstein. Father was a philosopher -Mary Shelley created Frankenstein wit god like powers. – Mary has no sympathy for Victor Frankenstein at all. -300 years after writing the novel, the reality is near.

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-She wrote to inspire, inspirer those who needed to realise the reality of caring for a human being. -Chapter 5 is a crucial moment in the story because it shows some of the most important themes and ideas in the novel. Also it contains drastic changes in attitude of Frankenstein from Para 1 Genetic engineering To this day modern scientific experiments such as genetic engineering are gradually becoming more and more popular, even after such things are newly discovered, more and more are still wanting to be found, which brings us to the fact that using this type of scientific knowledge experiments are never ending.

In some peoples eye this can be seen as an excellent discovery, yet in others stating how technology is moving to fast and slowly may be affecting themselves, animals and our planet. Creations over 300 years ago were completely new inventions, and inventing one made you extremely recognizable Para 2 Chapter five is undoubtedly a crucial part of the novel as within its pages the ‘the monster’ is given animation. This single act is the catalyst for the action of the rest of the novel which leads on to prove the dramatic life story of the monster.

The monster has been created, the feeling of guilt surrounds the creator victor Frankenstein, realising what he has done worked and achieved. Quote: ‘I saw the dull yellow eye of the creature open; it breathed hard and a convulsive motion agitated its limbs’ See how the writer is using the word ‘it’ to describe the creation, not even by a name. Showing how much disrespect he feels toward the creature, not wanting to get to now the thing. This shows that the creature is not wanted in this world and should never have been created.

Why is it such a crucial moment? – The horrific creature/thing is created on a dark gloomy night. – Victor shocked, after working on his ambitions/dreams of creating such thing for 2 years, now realises what he has done… shock… emotions running wild. Para 3 How does it show more about Dr Frankenstein? It was a mistake. All the high expectations and wonderful ambitions had been deflected. What he had thought would be an amazing creation to work on for all those years had turned into a disaster.

Now he could be seen as such an irresponsible scientist after creating such thing. His emotions run wild, finding it hard to keep himself contained. ‘I describe my emotions at this catastrophe’ The writer deliberately shocks the reader with the use of the word “catastrophe”. We learn from this that Victor Frankenstein had neglected to think beyond the excitement of the work itself. She criticises her central character whom she portrays clearly as childlike. Para 4

How has the writer used the language in the chapter to develop atmosphere? Para 5 How does this chapter link to key themes in novel, what does it tell us about 19th century life? Conclusion How has studying the chapter given me a better understanding of 19th century. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section. r

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