There isn’t a doubt that domestic animal cruelty is becoming a growing concern throughout the UK. Some people think that they are superior to animals, yet we ourselves are animals. Would they like it if it was the other way around? It is frustrating and always upsetting to see stray and hurt animals. A lot of people express anger when animals are seen wandering the streets, they are seen as a ‘nuisance’ and indeed are sometimes a ‘menace’. However I feel this anger would be better directed towards owners, whose neglect leads to these animals being on the streets in the first place. These owners are committing crimes just like thieves so why shouldn’t they be punished?

If you are cruel to animals then you could be fined up to �20,000. Even though this law is in place, many people don’t agree with it because sometimes it isn’t the owners fault if their animal is found on the streets, for example; if the animal has let itself out. I think there is a simpler option! When you buy a pet they should be tagged and the local rescue centre should have the owners address associated to the tag, so if they are found, they can easily contact the owner’s.

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They may be charged the minimum fine; but if the animal is not collected then they may be charged the maximum fine. This should reduce the number of cases because it will make them think before they do anything. This would mean we wouldn’t have to see a hurt animal on every street of every town. We wouldn’t see reports dogs found starving because the owner has left them and moved away. Looking after an animal is a lot cheaper than the fine you have to pay for not looking after one, so we should look down on these people with disgust.

Although domestic animals have been encouraged by humans to become dependant on humans, they still have basic instincts which can involve hunting and killing. Dogs instinctively hunt in packs and cats can be very dangerous if it perceives itself to be cornered. Committing animal cruelty will just make these animals more scared and more harmful so when they are out then they are a danger to the community. We want these animals to be harmless and let’s not forget, happy.

Animal cruelty is wrong and we need to stop it now. No-one can disagree that there are ways to stop this if we try our hardest to. More centres can be opened so they can make a fast recovery. Charities like the RSPCA and Dog’s Trust should be funded and there should be more awareness in schools about animal cruelty. Surveys show that people are increasingly disgusted and upset to see how many animals are just left to roam the streets cold and hungry.

Also, in Wales alone there approximately 10,653 cases of animal cruelty reported last year which is approximately 29 cases a day. Last year, 74 people ignored the RSPCA’s advice compared to 47 in 2004. We should now begin to realise the seriousness of this problem and what could happen if we ignore the facts and don’t stop it, before man’s best friend becomes man’s worst enemy.

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