What perhaps feasible conclusions from the German case with reference to a capabilitiesreunification of Korea? Of course, the German experience does no longer outcomesin a nice-observe guide guide. We ought to distinguish cautiously betweenthe position of targeted instances and possible generalizations. With this understanding,a primary feasible broad assertion that maybe drawn from the Germancase is that the announcement of transitional justice before an eventual reunificationtakes situation may just produce colossal results: so far as these plans arecommunicated to North Korea, they’re going to potentially represent a danger for thosewho currently exert power and therefore impact character picks of action. Whilstdeterrence for human rights violations perhaps a reason for publishing plansfor future transitional justice after Korean reunification, there additionally probably anantagonistic influence. Given the viewpoint of facing crook justice after reunification,for a part of the North Korean political elite it would appear more attractive to hangto energy at any price. And public bulletins of future transitional justicewould also complicate diplomatic contacts previous to reunification.Additionally, the feasibility of transitional justice in the case of North Korea willvery a lot depend on the if and when of reunification. If it occurs at all, willit take situation by means of a confederation on equal phrases or as an alternative by way ofentry, which means an asymmetrical method of mutual adoption? What politicalbargaining energy will each side have during the process of reunification? Indifferent words, transitional justice is not just a matter of liberal ideas, but in addition ofpower relations, considering the fact that the question is who sets the requisites and who controls itsimposition. On the one hand, it’s an open question to which degree the presentpolitical elite of North Korea perhaps equipped to investigate the phrases ofreunification and thus additionally the extent of transitional justice. However,it is also an open question, whether on the time of reunification there could haveemerged elements of a civil society in North Korea that additionally can have a voice andfor this reason have an impact on the procedure.

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