What I already know/what I want to know What interest me is physical therapy and being able to help others. I never knew what it was really until my sister got a degree as a physical therapist. She would always come home and tell me how much she loved her job was able to help people. Once she told me that I knew that’s something that I wanted to do, because ever since I was little I’ve always liked to do things for others and I liked to be a helping hand for others. What I already know about physical therapy is that they help people who are injured or help people who just got out of surgery by using massage or exercise treatments. Such treatments can involve weights, kinesiology taping, whirlpools, and even laser or light therapy. Most patients who are referred to physical therapy are to help improve mobility or decrease pain. Physical therapist can either work in hospitals, clinics, and even nursing homes.Some of the things that I want to know about getting a degree in physical therapy. Is how many years do you have to go to school and how long do you have to do clinicals if needed and what classes/programs do you have to take in order for you to become a physical therapist. I would also like to know how much physical therapist get paid? What kind of treatments patients need and if they get a choice of which kind of treatments they want depending on their circumstance? How long do you have to go to college in order to get a degree as a physical therapist and do you have to do any sort of clinicals In order to graduate?  How much do you get paid as a physical therapist? Do you get to pick what kind of treatments patients get or does the patient get to choose? I would also like to know if there is any kind of test that you have to take to become a physical therapist. Physical therapy is the process to help people decrease pain and improve mobility when someone who has been injured or has just had surgery. Physical therapist are there to help you get better and get back to normal. There are many types of treatments for patients to use to get better such as in water therapy, weight lifting and even massages.  Physical therapist are highly trained, they go to school for many years to learn about the human body so that they know what to do and so that they know what kind of treatments their patients need.The reason why there are so many years of schooling for a physical therapist is because when they are on their own they need to know everything about the human body, every bone, every muscle and tendon.  So that they also know what treatments their patients need. To become a physical therapist, it takes about  seven years of schooling all together. The process of becoming a physical therapist is very long but in the end it all pays off. Some of the classes you need to take in college is anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics, statistics and even pre-cal. You will also need to take the DPT program to become a licensed physical therapist. The DPT programs can last at least thirty five months, and you also need to complete a undergraduate degree that to takes about four years and you usually a DPT program can last up to three years. So it will take a total of seven years for someone to become a physical therapist. While you are in college you will so need to do clinicals to get hands on experience with patients so that when you are on your own you will already know what to do. Most DPT programs will let you pick where you want to do clinicals. You can do clinicals in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. But you do have to alternate where you do clinicals you can’t just stay in one place. The reason for this is so that you can get different kinds of experiences as you are learning the basics of physical therapy. This also helps for when you graduate, you are able to get an idea of where you want to work after you graduate. After you are done with your basics and your DPT program. You have to take the National Physical therapy exam (NPTE) to become a licensed physical therapist. If you do not score higher than a six hundred on the exam then you will not be licensed. However if you don’t pass the test you are not allowed to work as physical therapist but you can still work in hospitals as a volunteer or an a assistant. You are allowed to retake this test three times in one year and there is six time life time limit. If you don’t pass this test you will not allowed to become a licensed physical therapist and you will have to take the DPT program again in order to be able to take the National Physical therapy exam again. Once you have passed this test you will become a licensed physical therapist, And you are able to work in whatever field you want. Physical therapist can pick a variety of places of where they want to work, once they have passed their state test and are a licensed physical therapist. They can work in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, home health agencies, schools, outpatient clinics and even sport/fitness facilities. “Physical Therapist.” ExploreHealthCareers.org.”But most physical therapist work in hospitals, nursing homes and outpatient clinics. Once you pick where you want to work, just like any other job you have to submit an application. Some of the things you are required for a physical therapist job application is a copy of your physical therapist license to show that you are licensed and your state license. Once you are hired by the place you applied to you can start working there but you are trained for of couple of days so that you can get a feel of how it is to work there also so that you can get familiar with the place depending on where you got hired. But however you are not always guaranteed job when you apply somewhere. The average pay for a physical therapist depends on what state you live in and where you have a job as a physical therapist but the average pay in 2016 was eighty five thousand. If you are injured and or just had surgery and need to have physical therapy. Depending on how bad the patient’s situation is they may need physical therapy for months sometimes even years. Most of the time your doctor will refer you to a Physical therapist who will best help you with the situation that you need help with. Being a Physical therapist takes a lot responsibility you are in charge of giving the care to all the patients that are given to you. Some of the duties that physical therapist has to do is review the patient’s medical history and their referral notes. When you are given a new patients you first have to evaluate the patient and see what treatments they need. You have to study the patient’s progress and see if they are making any progress. You also have to observe the patient’s movement and their functions, you also have observe the patient to see if you are not hurting them when you are using treatment on them so that you don’t make the situation worst. Depending on their circumstance you have to come up with a plan to use so that you that plan can help regain the patient’s mobility, decrease their pain and hopefully bring the patient back to health. But you can always do this with some of the patients that you get. They also teach their patients what not to do so that hopefully in the future that can prevent whatever happened to them so that it doesn’t happen again.  Bellamy, Jason. “Who Are Physical Therapists?” APTA, www.apta.org/AboutPTs/. When you use that plan that you made for the patient, your able to help them with their problem that they came in for. When you get a new patient you can use all sorts of treatments depending on that patients situations. You can use either massage therapy, water therapy, weight lifting, and even light or laser therapy to help regain the patient back to health. By working with the same patients your able to create a close bond with them. This helps you as a Physical therapist because your able to better understand the patient especially when they are in pain or when they are uncomfortable. By creating a bond with the patient you can also better study the patients improvements. In the end it both helps you and the patient.”Physical Therapy Schools | Education & Careers.” All Allied Health Schools, www.allalliedhealthschools.com/physical-therapy/. Physical therapist care for people of all ages, and all sorts of injuries. Even though physical therapist have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders in the end it really does pay off. They are the most sought out to in the medical field and are the main part of recovery. You are able to help people who need. Although being a physical therapist can be very stressful in the medical field but its one of the best jobs in the medical field, because of their flexible hours. In the next ten years physical therapist are suppose to grow by thirty two percent. Physical therapy first started in the 1920’s  and was established in britain, but they were in high demand after World War Two and the polio epidemic. Till this day physical therapist are still in high demand and are needed all the time. You can always trust a physical therapist because they are highly trained and they spend many years studying the human body and how it works. The best part about becoming a physical therapist is seeing your patients improve all because of you. To be a good therapist you always have to ensure that the patient is doing good and to always stay positive. It is a long road to get a degree in physical therapy but once you start to work, you will absolutely love your job. There’s nothing better to see your patients gain back their health all because of the hard you’ve but into them.

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