When you are looking for your child, and called his name and there is no answer. There is a likelihood that he is on a gaming device. Today, there are a lot of teenagers playing video games. Theirs not just one reason why teenagers play, their is multiple reasons. Teenagers today will never get over playing the game because its so fun. In their minds, the video games is virtual world where they can do anything and be themselves. The video games allows us to do things we can not do in the real world, for example say I was a kid who did not play sports, but in the games, I am really good in the sports games. The video games we play, is above our imagination. As kids they do not know when to stop because their minds are so focus on the game that they do not know when to stop. Children and teenagers are addicted to video games because they have a lot of free     time their hands. As children and teenagers, the video game keeps them busy most of the time. for them being so young, they do not have jobs like adults or elderly people, so they play thegame all day everyday for their freetime. That means playing the video game will get them through the whole day with no hesitation or questions asked. The video games is also  entertaining to them, that is why it keeps them busy. Here is another reason why teenagers and children are so addicted to videogames, the other reason is that the videogame will sometimes keep them out of trouble or keep them from getting in any trouble. They are really young, so most of the time they get themselves in trouble,and they do not even know that they are doing something bad or doing something wrong. Sometimes they want to be bad and violent kids and do bad things, so they play the game to not get in trouble. For example, say a kid wants to bother people or get on people nerves because they are kids that’s what they do, they can just play the game so they do not get on people nerves or get themselves in trouble. The children that are violent kids, they can be violent and be destructive and do bad things on the game. That would make a child much happier and get them out of trouble a lot if you really think about it.  (TechAddition)Their are some teenagers and children that do not have friends or someone to associate with, so that makes them bored, the video game will keep them from being bored in many ways.  As an child, they want to have fun and be a kid still and enjoy their lives while their still so Young.No child likes to be by themselves or be inside all day bored out of their mind, so they play the game. They can also play with their friends on the game, playing with their friend can  be fun, and be competitive and go against each other, which means it keeps them from being bored. It also keeps them active and their minds occupied. A lot of people say that playing the  video game is bad for a kids mind, when I say a lot of people I mean adults. Adults say that  because teenagers and kids would play the game all day, and not care. Some adults do not like when children play the game because they forget about the real world and do not know what is going on around them. They also forget about everything else like school, family, or chores. Children and teenagers imagination are greatly high, so they believe in things that are not real like Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and superpowers, etc. In video games all those things  are real to them in their head. So when you are playing the video game, it makes you feel like you are living in the video game. In a video game, you can literally do anything on the video game, because it’s just a virtual world, it’s not the real world where you do real live things. It lets you do things you would not be able to do things in the real world. One reason is that you can have super powers and be a superhero, but we all know that is impossible to do in the real   world because there’s no such thing as superhero or super powers, so they can get a video game, and become a superhero or have super powers in the game. Some kids like sports but are not really good at it, in a video game, you can make yourself on the game and become an  athlete for a professional sports team. It would be like you are living out your dream you would want to be when you get older out on the video games. There are video games where you can shoot guns and be a rebel. If you wanted to be a robber or shoot guns, you can just play GTA or Call of Duty, some teenagres and kids like those type of games, that is why they are so  addicted to the video game so much. The games that teenagers and children are addicted to   the most, are all games. Every kid is different in their on way, so there are millions of games that connects with a child, that a child would be addicted to. (HuffPost) In reality, teenagers and children play online, that is another reason why they are so addicted to the video game. You would be able to compete or play with other people all around the world. They would spend hours and hours  playing the game online. Playing the game for so long can mess with a child way of thinking about things in the real world, they would just completely zone out and forget about everything  in the world playing the game. When it comes to playing video games, you are playing for some reason, you are not just playing it to be playing. Most of the time you would be playing the game trying to get a high score or beat some else high score. It may take you days to beat that high score, that would be a child’s only priority everyday, they would be obsessed with it until they beat it or get that high score. That is what keep children and teenagers gaming all day. They would also be playing for a long time to beat a mission. Games have a destination, what I mean by that is games have a story mode. Story mode is when a game haves multiple missions and events for you to beat the whole game completely. Some kids like to play games like that, like it fits their of gameplay. Their is also those games that have no ending to it. The games that have no ending to it, is the popular games out. Teenagers and children all around the world play those type of games all the time. When it has no ending to it, that makes you want play that game everyday, you would probably want to play the game the most out of all your games because it has no ending to it and you have no destination or purpose you are trying reach on that game. I would say the games that has no ending to it, would be the most addictive video games in the world. Playing the game all day is unhealthy for you. You will never get attention from the child or teenager, because they spend so much time on the video game. (ElementsBehaviorHealth)Gaming addiction is so hard to get rid of, that if you were to punish your child for playing  the game because he or she failed their test, they would still find a way to play the video game.  It comes to the point where you would have to take the system out of your child’s sight so they will not be able to play it again. Teenagers would miss school because of gaming, their grades  would be affected, they would not do their chores, and they would not spend time with their  family’s at all. Every child in the world has their favorite game, they would read about it and talk  about the game when their around their friends not playing the game. Most of the time, the  children that are addicted to the video games, are the ones that are not socially active. Those are the children that have no kind of relationship with other people or is just antisocial when it come to being in public with other people. All they know  is playing the game, that would be one  of the main words in a child or teenager vocabulary. If a child was to have a spring break for  school or it was summer, they would spend their whole spring break or summer playing the game. Your child would not be going outside or doing anything else better with their lives  because they are so addicted to that video game. For instance, your child would be vamping it up all night long, basically vamping means staying up all through the night, which means they   would be playing the video game all through the night. (PscychGuides)Furthermore, video game addiction is like you having your hands wrapped around a controller and you are just playing it all day everyday. Video game addiction is so real, that it comes to a part where you find everything in the world is just a video game to you, but it is not, we are real people with lives and need to not compare everything in the video game to the real world  Some teenagers and children would find anything to play, like a computer game, phone games, and human games that we make with our minds. You would  play it so much, that you would have a video game routine you do every time you are about to get ready to play the game. Routine like you are going to play one game at a certain time and have a bottle to pee in and eat before you get on so you do not have to leave the video game out of your sight. That is how serious video game addiction gets, that you do not want to go to the bathroom and use but you would rather pee in a bottle so you do not leave the video game. Playing the game gives off negative vibes and emotions, sometimes you would be mad for how long you stayed on the game and you did not even know. For you to stop playing the game can be extremely difficult and hard. You have to realize that this is something you do everyday and you are trying to stop playing the game. It is almost like a drug addiction but trying to get rid of a drug addiction is way harder than trying to get rid of a game addiction. (TheGuardian)Whenever you have company over to your house, in a teenager and child mind, the first thing you are going to think of is playing video games with the company that has come over to your house. You would be able to play multiplayer games with your company and your company would be able to help you achieve awards on the game, help you beat the game, or just play for fun with each other. It is always fun to play the video game with someone, than playing by yourself all the time. Most people like to play the game by themself, they would say that they focus better, get things done faster, feels comfortable playing by themself or just do not want to play with other people because they do not play right and don’t follow as the game go as plan or as the game gives you objectives, what I mean by that is they are going to do whatever they feel like doing on the game without listening, So most of the time this is why some teenagers and children play the game by themself and not with other people because they do not like to listen and follow  directions given to them. ( FamilyLives)In addition, when you are young, all you really can do is play the video game all day. what else would you have to do when you are so young. As a child there is only a few things that keeps  you happy and that is fun to you, and that is sport or playing the game. Everybody can not play sports because they are not that good at it no matter how much you practice it or do it, but everyone can play the game and be good at because all you are really doing is putting your hands on a controller and moving you fingers in different patterns on how to play the game,  there is all types of genre of games, there is shooting, fighting, racing, sports and more. Playing the video game is not just addictive, it is also an issue for teenagers and children. The teenagers and children who do not play the game all day, actually haves something better to do with their life, than play the game all day. They would either be playing sports, watching tv, doing  something to make money or just doing what a teenager or child do on the regular basis.  In other words, teenagers and children are different around the world, so they see the game differently and see the world differently and would try to compare the game to the world in many ways but it is totally different in many ways and can not be compared to the real world at  all Their are going to be times when you want your child to stop playing the game all day, because you feel like they are wasting their time playing a mindless video game all day. Most parents want their child to be learning something productive and doing something important with their life than playing a video game because it is pointless, but children do not want that, they love the video game. They will play it till their fingers hurt and not even care about it. When a child is old enough to play a video game, they will get addicted to it the moment their hands touch that remote. So it is really no other way around it, teenagers and children are going to always play the video game no matter what, that is why they are so addicted to the game because it is like the game is just saying come play me. That day when teenagers and children and stop playing the game, will never come. That video game is just irresistible to a child, they can not help themselves when it comes to trying to stop playing the game. So people really believe that teenagers and children will never get over playing the video game because of all these reason that was just explain to you. If there was a solution to stop teenagers and children from playing the video game, it would have been invented by now, even if there was a solution people would still believe that teenagers and children would still be playing the game even if they have come up with a way to stop teenagers and children playing the video game. You have to realize that playing a video game a teenager and child is relaxing to them, which means when a teenager or child play the video game, they are in there comfort zone and feel really good and safe and are having a lot of fun while they are play the video game. (Empowering Parents)To conclude, teens and children will never get over playing the game. When they play the game they are to much into it. It is above their imagination. As kids, they do  not know when to stop because their minds are so focus on the game. As we humans get older and a new generation comes, teenagers and children will still be playing video games and being addicted to video games still till this day. That is why teenagers and children are so addicted to video games

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