When we think about wonders of the world we
think about the Great Wall of China or The Roman Colosseum. What we forget is
that wonders were not made only in the past. Nowadays we have our own wonders
which are called the wonders of the modern world. Every year a new innovative
and spectacular construction is completed which makes it a bit difficult to
select the most amazing ones among them. Nevertheless, I have chosen only three
of them to discus further more in this essay.

 The Chanel Tunnel, or The Chunnel as
called by some, was first opened in 1994. This tunnel connects Coquilles in
France with Folkstone in the United Kingdom. This tunnel is unique and considered
as a wonder because 31.35 miles of it are located under water, and that was a breakthrough
at the time it was built. More than 400 trains pass through this tunnel each
day connecting not only two countries but their different cultures too. The
Chunnel was a revolution in the transport industry. No one had ever thought
that by living in France you could everyday get a train to go to work in
England and vice versa.

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 Standing at 1250 feet tall The Empire
State Building was the tallest building in the world when it first opened on 1st
May 1931. Since then it has become an icon of New York City, a pride for all
the Americans and it is seen as a symbol of human success in achieving what
seems impossible and unreachable. The states of: New York, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts can all be seen from the top of the
building on a clear day. Nowadays a lot of skyscraper and tall building are
build but for the time that it was built and for its unique architecture and
construction, The Empire State building is without any doubt a world wonder.

The Golden Gate Bridge was the bridge with the longest span in the world at the
time it was completed. The bridge connects the city of San Francisco with Marin
County each year more than 41 million trips pass through it, a fact that
emphasizes its importance. The bridge facilitated a lot the transportation
system because before its construction the only way of passing across San Francisco
Bay was by ferry. This bridge is truly a remarkable feat of modern engineering.
The two main suspension cables which hold the bridge together use a combined 80
000 miles of wire, equivalent of going around the world in a single line three
times, so how can this not be considered as a wonder! Due to its unique style
and impressive sights the bridge is one of the most photographed building in
the whole world.


I didn’t choose these three
wonders among the others randomly. As you might notice all the wonders
mentioned above are buildings with fascinating architecture and construction.
And as a student of civil engineering that is what a wonder is defined in my eyes.
They show that we can achieve great things, how much this field has developed
though years and also that there will always be new wonders to admire.


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