When we read the words “Model Student”, we tend to have certain attributes that we immediately assume about the title, and more importantly, the person bearing it. Historically and even today, the success of an ideal student has been closely tied to academic grades built upon industrial age values, such as rote-learning and memorization, willingness to obey rules and instructions, and quietness. Schools traditionally reward children for doing exactly as they are told. This has caused the stereotyping of teacher’s pets to be quiet nerds and geeks who excel at doing exam papers. When we try to imagine them visually, it has become common culture worldwide to associate certain features such as glasses and braces, an overly neat attire, and awkward posturing with the best students.However, as education worldwide improves and develops, there is an increasing push towards a more holistic approach to determining a successful model student. Sports, community service, arts, performance, and other extracurricular activities are gaining more recognition and attention by schools and teachers. With automatisation of many jobs looming in the future, there is a growing need for people to learn social skills and cues that robots will find harder to imitate, and less so for rote memorisation.Thus, the values and attributes of our “Model Student” should change as well.One important attribute to excel well in school is Discipline. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment, that allows students to realise their potential as they grow and learn in the classroom every day. It is the daily effort and dedication that supports constant improvement that builds up over time and is relevant regardless of the skillset that is being studied: whether it be sports, the arts, or academics.Another important attribute is Motivation. Motivated learners are people who show a strong desire to gain new knowledge and insights. They are more willing to complete assigned tasks and produce the best results they can. Their passion for the lesson material shows when they ask more questions and devote more time to discovering the answers, which goes beyond a superficial reading, and produces a deeper understanding of the subject at hand. A passionate student with a more complex and fuller mastery of a topic will find themselves more ready to apply the lesson to tackle new and unfamiliar situations.Lastly, a model student should be Organised. School life can be hectic and fast-paced with new information and deadlines constantly thrown at students. For a student to best manage and plan out their studies, there needs to be a neat and functioning system for the student to tackle their daily workload to allocate their time effectively. It is not easy being a model student, but these characteristics are important, and they cannot be read off a person’s physical appearances; it requires seeing the person in action and knowing them below their superficial layer.

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