When one purchases a computer, there
are many different things to have in mind, one must clearly define and numerate
all the criteria he will need in this pc in an order of priority. I, for
example am student and my daily computer usage does not require all that much
power and sophistication. All I need is a basic machine capable of running
Microsoft office some basic office tasks, as well as average browsing.  Clearly, I don’t need major processing power.
However, I do plan on getting use out of my future computer for quite many
years especially since I will be a student for many years g-d willing. I don’t
know exactly what the years to come will bring me in terms of what I may need
my microcomputer for, therefore I will slightly broaden and define my must have
criteria for my pc.


needs to have a long battery life since I can’t be sure I’ll always have access
to power.

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must be portable, so I can make use of it at home and on the road.

must be portable, so I can make use of it at home and on the road.


must weigh less than 6 lbs. I don’t want to have to lug around a heavy sack all

to be less than 16 inches, since I like to carry smaller bags.

to be thickness less than 2 inches spatial reasons as well.

system must run on either Windows 10 or Mac OS Sierra. I’m comfortable with
both of those.

have an upgraded graphics card.

have enough solid-state drive memory as well RAM memory to function and work at
a nice speed, as well as making downloading and streaming effortless.


As I searched the web for a variety
of computers and their specs, I chanced upon a site called lappyList, a website that shows you a lot of
different computers, taking into account price, design, memory and many other
filters and compares them with one another. By applying my clear cut criterium
I have narrowed down a search to 2 specific and viable computers.


I will now elucidate what I have
found and pair up the 2 microcomputers by their Pros and cons.

Lenovo 100s 14″ $199-249

Dell XPS 13 9360 $797


Lenovo 100s


The Lenovo 100s is a lightweight
laptop weighing in at 3.3 lbs. it has a solid 7+ hour battery life and is only
$249 at full price! This seems like an absolute steel, and a perfect choice of
a computer meant to handle all school tasks. 
This would leave over $500 to purchase an all in one printer, a laser
mouse, an antivirus program, Microsoft office, and some other important
peripherals. Unfortunately, I will be using my future computers for a bit more than
some basic school work, such as downloading streaming and maybe even a slightly
more sophisticated program here and there. Therefor the Lenovo 100s just has
too many shortcomings. With only 64 GB of SSD and 2 GB of RAM this
microcomputer will not be able to handle the load that I intend to put on it,
in terms of heavy streaming, downloading and even small office tasks. Another
unfortunately short coming is the graphics aspect of this microcomputer.
According to itstillworks.com and PCWorld streaming with high quality video
requires a minimum of 2.3 GGHZ while the computer that we are discussing as a
max turbo speed of 2.16 GGHZ. The Lenovo 100s processor also falls short with
its Intel Celeron N3050 which has 1.6 GGHZ. after all this research I conclude
with the understanding that although the Lenovo 100s is a steel of a deal and
great for keeping your pockets full, laptop it just doesn’t fulfill the
clear-cut criteria that I laid out for my microcomputer.


Dell XPS 13 9360


The dell XPS is a highly efficient
and upgraded computer! It has a super thin and cool design as well as a 13.3″
infinity screen edge 1920 x 1080 to go along. This microcomputer has super
great specs, with 7th generation intel core i3 processor 3 MB of
high speed memory cache and a clock speed of 2.4 GGHZ and a whopping battery
life of 22 hours! I will have no problem tackling any of my medium to
sophisticated office and home chores with this bad boy! It’s got 4 GB of memory
and 128GB of SSD to go with that. This device accommodates a vast amount of
software options and capabilities, it has an upgraded graphics card, a
beautiful user interface and is plain old easy to use. Other excellent features
that come along with the Dell are multiple USB ports an intel HD graphics video
card and a free one-year subscription to anti-virus software. With this machine
super-fast clock speed, it can fetch, decode, and execute and store instructions
in .59 seconds.  Obviously, this is the
choice computer for one who is looking to do more than just school work.
However, the one downside to this option is the price, after dropping 797 on
the actual computer you are left with almost no budget at all to purchase the peripherals
that you may need on top. After all my research I conclude that the Dell XPS 13
9360 is super cool computer that will accomplish all your school, work and home
needs, although one needs to be able to be ok with the price.



Although the Lenovo 100s is available
at a super inexpensive price for all its specifics. The Dell XPS is the better computer
choice for my needs. It has more RAM, SSD faster processor. Although your $800
budget will be used up, it is worth having to find a source of money to
purchase the not included necessary peripherals. With your Dell XPS and
peripheral bundle, you have a powerful cool good-looking home, and work computer,
as well as a super portable and durable great microcomputer for college. In the
future I would like to entertain the possibility ofbuying an ergonomic keyboard
to make my work safer and more enjoyable.



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