When small business owners spend hours (time = $$$) trying to make their Facebook ads work but see almost no results. It leads to frustration and doubt.This frustration can make them want to give up on social media marketing.So…Does Facebook Advertising Really work?Facebook Ad Targeting CapabilityWhen discussing if Facebook Advertising Really Works or not, there is only one place to start, and that is the targeting capabilities available that are far superior to any other marketing platform in 2018.Once you have researched your target audience and built a profile of your dream customer you can target them easily on Facebook. For example, if your dream customer is a 27-year-old female living in Michigan who is interested in modern art and likes to drink wine on the weekends, you can target them specifically on Facebook.Lead GenerationFacebook is great for building brand awareness and growing your email list, however if you want to sell directly off Facebook then this can be more difficult, but certainly still possible.What is Lead Generation?Lead generation is the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’ products or services… Simply put, it’s all about getting the right people’s contact details so that you can send them emails with the purpose of nurturing them into a customer.It sounds simple right? Well in theory it is, but before you can even think about creating your first Facebook advert you need to make sure you’ve completed these 4 tasks:1. Buyer Personas – create a detailed picture of your dream customer.2. Lead Magnet – create an offering which people simply can’t say no to, this will be exchanged for your dream customer’s email address e.g. e-book, guide, discount code or special offer.3. Landing Page – build an amazing landing page and back it up with a stunning website. A landing page is a page on your website specifically designed to convert, it takes each visitor on a journey that ends with them typing their email address into a form and clicking a call-to-action such as ‘Download Now’. You can get your web developer to design a landing page for you or alternatively you can opt to do it yourself using specialist software such as Clickfunnels, LeadPages or Unbounce.4. Email Marketing Automation – You need to connect your landing page to an email marketing provider such as MailChimp, Klayvio, ConvertIt or GetResponse. Then you will be able to create a workflow of emails that subscribers to your list will receive over time, in these emails your aim will be to nurture the subscriber into a purchasing decision. This is done by providing value on a consistent basis through blogs, offers, e-books and more, then once you have created enough leverage you ask them to buy your product or service. This is a very simplified explanation of email marketing but it should help small business owners to understand the process, if you would like further help with email marketing then please contact us.Once you have completed all of these steps, it’s finally time to start thinking about your Facebook advert…How to Create a Great Facebook AdFacebook advertising can be very complicated for small business owners that have limited knowledge of social media marketing, and if you’ve found yourself spending a fortune on ‘boosting’ your posts then please stop right now and read on.For your Facebook Adverts to be effective you need you to pay attention to these 5 tips so that you are in a better place to spend money on Facebook ads.1. Visuals Rule – If you weren’t already aware, visual content rules social media, so it makes sense that your Facebook Ad is going to need powerful visuals that grab your audience’s attention.2. Test Multiple Ad Variations – The only way to know if your Facebook Ad is effective is to split test different designs with different copy, this is going to save you a lot of time and money because once you find out which Ad is working best you can simply turn all the other ones off.3. Include Proof & Credibility – Emotion drives action, so take advantage of it. People resist buying your product or service because they don’t want to waste their hard earned money, they don’t know you so why should they trust you? Proof and credibility provides a feeling of reassurance for your audience, now they know that you are capable and experienced. An example of a statement including proof and credibility is: “We’ve helped over 2000 small business owners just like you to grow their business”.4. Location of Facebook Ad – When you create a Facebook Ad there are a few different places where it can feature, this is important because it will change the sizing significantly. Your ad can appear on the Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed or the Desktop right Column, if the image in your advert contains text then make sure you don’t select Desktop Right Column because it will be too small to read.So now, finally, it’s time to answer your question: Does Facebook Advertising Really Work? From our experience and thousands of other businesses from around the world, yes it does, but you have to know how to use it. The most effective way to use Facebook Ads is without doubt for lead generation (growing your email list), but it’s also an amazing tool for direct selling as long as you have a sales funnel in place.However as you can now probably tell, Facebook Advertising is not easy, it requires a high level of understanding and this is what leads many small business owners to fail, they just don’t have the specialist knowledge. We hope that this has helped some of these people, but there is much more to be learned about Facebook advertising that we could not include becaused this blog would turn into an essay!If you think you could use some social media marketing help then get in touch.

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