Karen Russel was, “just twenty- six she published her first short-story
collection” called, “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves in 2006”
(Russell 267).


setting takes place next to woods and caves. In the story the narrator says,
“he led us through the woods” and their parents, “live in caves at the edge
of the forest” (Russel 268). The place that they are staying is for them to be,
“naturalized citizens of human society” and they, “would go to St. Lucy’s to
study a better culture” (Russell 268). The girls then, “arrive at St. Lucy’s
that morning” (Russell 268). I can also infer that the girls are living in a
religious institution because when the narrator says, “The nuns watched us” and
then, “Sister Maria made the sign of the cross” (Russell 267)

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The five skills that the girls must learn to be successful in this, “better
culture” is first how to deal with being, “separated” (Russell 272). In Stage 2
the girls must learn how to, “adjust to the new culture” and “miss certain foods”
(Russell 269). Then in stage 3 the girls must learn how to communicate and
interact like a human. For instance, when the narrator says, “we met our first
purebred girls” and the, “fourth-grade class came to tutor us in playing” (Russell
274). In stage 4 the girls must be, “more thorough understanding of the host
culture” and “acquired being to feel more comfortable in their new environment”
(Russell 275). In stage five the girls, “at this point are able to interact
effectively in the new cultural environment. They find it easy to move between
the two cultures” (Russell 278).

 I believe that this reflects negatively
on human society because it shows that human beings live by rules and order.
That human beings expect others to understand and adopt to their environment rather
than adopt to the wolf’s environment. For instance, when the narrator says, “The
main commandment of wolf life is know your place” (Russell 270). At this point
the girls feel isolated and don’t feel independent. Then the narrator says, “An
basing, belly-to-the-ground desire to please” (Russell 270). I believe at this
point they realized about the human society that is about making them happy and
not themselves. That human beings are selfish and self-concern about their
image to others.


The reason why Claudette does not want to be paired with Mirabella is because
she does not know how to, “make bread balls” (Russell 272). Claudette then says,
“she cannot even undo the twist of the bag. She will sure eat the birds”
(Russell 272). They then find Mirabella trying to strangle a duck. The reason
why Mirabella was there is because they were their as an, “examination to
feed the ducks” (Russell 272). Not only does Mirabella not know how to make
bread balls but also, she has a, “desire to kill things” (Russell 272). What
Claudette can do that suppress Mirabella will be the ability to act like a
human being. For instance, when Claudette says, “But I had an ear for languages,
and I could read before I could adequately wash myself” (Russell 271). Also, I
believe Claudette is intelligent and she is realizing how to adapt to the new environment
without getting to much attention. For instance, when she says, “This wasn’t
like the woods, where you had to be your fastest and your strongest and your
bravest self. Different sorts of calculations were required to survive at the
home” (Russell 271).

The girls are wearing beautiful dresses at the dance that makes them, “look
more girlish” (Russell 276). Claudette is, “wearing a white organdy dress with
orange polka dots” (Russell 276). Her sister Jeanette is, “wearing a mauve
organdy dress with blue polka dots” (Russell 276). Her other sister Linette is,
“wearing a red organdy dress with white polka dots” (Russell 276). I believe
this shows that to be successful in human society you must learned how to adapt
and depend on yourself because people will be mean and expect failure. For instance,
when Jeanette replies by giving Claudette, “a wide, true wolf smile” and say’s,
“not for you” (Russell 277).

I believe why Claudette feels strange when she returns home is because her, “mother
recoiled from me, as if I were a stranger” (Russell 278). Claudette also feels
strange at home because she has been gone for a long time and does not recall
her wolf instincts as much. For instance, when she says, “the cave looked so
much smaller than I remembered it” (Russell 278). I believe this is the point
where she realizes that she is not at home and she is somewhere else. She then
tells her first human lie by telling her family, “I’m home” (Russell 278).

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