I sat in the closet of Tim’s room still remembering the embarrassment we endorsed when being overwhelmed by the underdog Samual Taylor an ammeter at The Men’s World Open Championships which were held in France. They were the biggest event in the calendar year and all the big names all around the world took part in the competitions either as doubles or as we were in singles matches. They only came around every four years and were what every man would dream of winning since childhood, it was as important in tennis terms as winning the World Cup in football.

What happened in France was destroying for my reign as Tim’s playing partner; it was one of the biggest upsets in the history of tennis. Tim who at the time was ranked fifth in the world was up against Samual Taylor a young up and coming, promising fellow Englishman who was set to play his first ever professional tennis game. The game had been predicted to be a walkover and all the odds were against Samual Taylor but there were some doubters of our ability. It was a greatly important match and Tim and me were extremely confident that we would and should win conformably.

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Our reputation was on the line and we had to play at are best abilities not taking any notice of the age and experience difference of the two counterparts. The game started of extremely well as we went ahead 2 to 0 in sets taking the immense pressure of our shoulders but also resulting on us taking our foot on the peddle and losing our concentration. This is when the game took a turn for the worse we lost the following ten sets only winning a cancellation last set of a disastrous match.

That game was surely the most terrible game of my playing career with Tim, every ball that bounced of me seemed to slice or go in the wrong direction and this was the main reason for why we had lost this intriguing match. After the game an ashamed Tim Henman angrily in frustration bashed me continuously against the changing room floor causing great damage to my ovular shape. That event changed my life forever as my life took a turn for the bad. I was no longer Tim’s lucky charm, his secret weapon, there was no place for me left in Tim’s life, I was lonely, locked in a bleak cold closet surrounded by tennis equipment and showered in jackets.

A year on and I am still nursing the injuries that were caused that horrific day in France. I am still as lonely as ever and missing the old days and wishing things were different. I had shared some highs and lows with Tim but always enjoyed the experience and I am praying that one day I would be wanted. Now all I could do is wait and see what will be done to me, if there is anything to be done. My life could not be any worse than it already is and things hopefully could only get better from what they are.

It is extremely disappointing knowing that once I lived a very high style life partnering Tim Henman a world renowned professional tennis player but I should of known that life is like a roller coaster ride and their are ups and downs and life is not always you would like it to be. But one day, as I was growing tired of living this boring life, I heard a creaking sound and then the lock was being turned. A face peeped through the door. It was Tim. I anxiously waited to see what he was looking for.

He pushed one after the other the jackets that were piled over me, finally reaching to me, lifting me gently he rubbed his hand against my framework noticing the great damage. He took me out and asked a man in a long black suit to have me repaired. It was over. The misery was finally over but what was going to be done to me now?. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mildred Taylor section.

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