Winter has bestowed upon us, as Ned Stark
said and everyone is booking tickets, packing bags to take off on vacations.
Taking care of the most important aspect of any holiday, we bring to you some
tips to make your family and friends look great in the holiday photographs:

While you relax, don’t miss out on the scenic
beauty of the place. Every place- a busy city, a remote village, or a secluded
resort on the countryside, has a different aura. Take the changing weather
shots: broken clouds,
overcast days and partial sun can turn a regularly photographed area into one
with a highly unique perspective. Include the weather, sun and clouds in your
photos to give a sense of location to your shots.

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forget the people – Exotic locations and exciting places may divert your
attention from the people you are with, your friends and family. Make sure you
focus your camera on all of them as well, to capture light fun moments. Click a
bunch of weird selfies. Also, remember to take a couple of group photos, because
10 years from now you would definitely want to remember how each one them
looked at that time and that place.

Capture the Candid Moments- Along with the
mainstream posed images, try capturing things as they’re happening.

Concentrate on the details: With vacation
photos, we are always tempted to take photos of the huge mountains, the vast
ocean and the blue sky- but we often miss out on the small things- small
animals, unique flower petals, or even the textures of rock. Even if these
things can be found in your backyard. Click!
When you’re
somewhere you’ve never been before, capturing the tiniest details has a way of
making the trip seem that much more interesting when you’re showing the
pictures off to your friends and family.

blurry images – You wouldn’t want to go back home with blurry, ruined pictures.
So, adjust your shutter speed to above 1/90th second so that the
image doesn’t come out blurry even when there is slight shaking or movement of
hands or when you are in a moving vehicle.  

sign in your photo: Include sign boards, store signage, bus tickets, prices of
fruits and vegetables, restaurant bills, anything which add to your vacation
story. Signs bring character and personality to pictures taken while on

Always carry extra memory cards and backup. You
wouldn’t want your camera flashing the “MEMORY FULL” message just when you are
about to capture an epic moment on reel.

Make your vacations memorable, as you capture the best of
events. Happy Holidays! 

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