When we were first told about work experience I thought to my self ‘great no school for two weeks. ‘ I was looking forward to looking around places and trying to figure out what and where I wanted to do my work experience. I’ve always been good at doing things with beauty and nails and therefore I was hoping to find somewhere I could experience more about that. I started looking around in November and found many places where I would like to spend my two weeks of work experience.

Most of the places I looked at involved sweeping floors and cleaning floors and sweeping floors and cleaning and more cleaning, this was not how I wanted to spend two weeks of ‘no school’ so I decided to look at other places like boots and cloth stores. I asked around at many different department stores and many of them said yes and told me to bring in more information and I told them that I would be back in the next two weeks with the forms that needed filling in. Two weeks went by and I forgot to go back and then I just got lazy and couldn’t be bothered to go.

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I kept telling my self that I had plenty of time left and that I would find a placement closer to the time. It was now June and it was becoming clear to me that I had to find a placement in the next few days as Mrs. O’Connor was having a go at me and other students about not having a placement and even my tutor Mr. Hillman started having a go at me. With only 3 weeks to go until work experience I still hadn’t found and succored a placement and it got so serious that Mrs.

O’Connor was calling me out of lessons to find out what was happening and at one time she even threatened me about being a senior prefect her exact worked were ‘your suppose to be a senior prefect and you still haven’t a work experience placement’ and then a while later she said ‘well you are one for now’ meaning that I may not be one later on. On the very same day I went home and started ringing up places were I could do work experience and it got to a point when I didn’t mind cleaning floors.

As soon as my mum got home I got her to drive me around to the places I rang up but when I got there they were closed or said that were not interested in giving out a placement. I didn’t care where I worked now so I went into any shop and asked if they did work experience and if so I would be able to work there, but almost all of them said that they do work experience but they are full as it was short notice. The others places just said that they didn’t do work experience. I had now reached a point where I felt like crying and going home but my mum managed to convince me that I would find a placement but unfortunately she was wrong.

It was now 6 o’clock and the majority of the shops where closed and I went home and started thinking about what I was going to tell Mrs. O’Connor. About 10 minutes after getting home my aunt rang to ask if I had any luck, and I told her ‘no. ‘ she then went on to say that it would be possible to work at her old job. When she told me this I was delighted and she told me it was at a chemist and I thought ‘oh, this could be interesting’ and I screamed ‘ahhhhhhhhh’ On that same day I rang the chemist up and asked them myself, if it was okay for me to work there and the manager said yes and asked if he could meet me.

On that very same day at about quarter to seven I went into the chemist and took the pink form and asked if the manager could fill it in, he was more than happy to fill it in and I asked him what time I would start and finish, and he said that I could decide and I was more than happy to. I said 9am to 4pm but on the form he filled in 10am to 3pm, but I didn’t say any thing as the fewer the hours I have to work the better. The next day I handed in the completed form and for the first time Mrs. O’Connor wasn’t lecturing me.

I was then given the parents consent form which my parents signed and I handed in the next day. With only over one week to go I felt like I had actually got somewhere with my placement as everything was succored and I finally had a placement for work experience. Sunday, the day before I started work experience. Scared, me, no, but I was wondering weather or not things would go well or not? Will they like me or not? Will I be good at the job or not? And do they remember I start tomorrow? All these questions were running around in my head and believe it or not I was getting actually scared.

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