You should always be on time to formations in the Army
for many reasons and ill explain them in the next one thousand nine hundred and
seventy one words. One reason of the many reasons you should always be on time
to formations in the united states Army is, you will be punished for not
arriving or being on time to formations in the Army. This could cause many
problems in your life and make things harder or less convenient in your
experience in the Army. First step when punishing a soldier that does not show
up to formation on time and in the right uniform is a counseling statement. A
counseling statement alone might not sound so bad but they can build up into
something devastating and unpleasant. Counseling statements have an explanation
of what the counseling statement is about and a corrective action. The
corrective action for not showing up to formation on time is usually something
along the lines of showing up 30 minutes early to formation to insure that you
will not be late. In rare cases you may be required to write a thousand word
essay explaining why you should always be on time to formations in the Army. If
you fail to show up on time to formations on multiple occasions and receive
three counseling statements for the same offence you will then receive a
article 15 which can be extremely dreadful. The army likes to punish
undisciplined and disobedient soldiers by taking their valuable time, their
hard earned money or even striping them of rank. So all in all you should do
what ever it takes to be on time for formation and avoid the unnecessary heart
ache. Another reason that you should always be on time to formations in the
Army is that it can affect you mentally and socially in many ways you might not
think about or fully take into consideration. What I mean by this is that the
actions you take or do not take will affect you as a person.Think about it this
way. Every action you take or do not take will work to form a habit in your
life. Imagine that every action you take is like investing part you as a person,
into a habit. Ill explain my view on these two main ways that not being on time
to a formation will affect you in the following part of this paragraph but as
we go along i want you to think about if these actions that i am describing to
you are going to form beneficial and healthy habits or self destructive and
unhealthy habits. One way that Being late to formation in the army will affect
you is that it can effect you mentally. You might be wondering how can being
late to a formation change you mentally.. it might even sound ridicules, but
keep in mind what i said about every action you take is like investing part of
you as a person into a habit. Now take a moment to think about how this would
affect you… Do you understand? no? Okay let me explain then. When you decide
to not follow threw or you fail to meet a timeline you invest in a habit called
complacency or also known as laziness. Now think about it. do you think that
these habits will be a healthy and beneficial or self destructive and negative
additions to your life? This is something for you to decide. What kind of
person do you want to be mentally? Now on to the next thing that can affect you
as a person by being late to formation in the army. You can be affected
socially quite significantly by not showing up when expected. This one is a bit
more obvious to understand, but i am going to explain anyway. Mentally being
affected is on a more personal level. Socially being effected is more based on
how other people will view you. Now Instead of thinking about habits that you
personally form for yourself think about your actions as investments into
peoples views on you. How do you think being late to formation will make people
view you? Stop here and think about it for a moment, even back track if you
have to, then we will continue. I am sure you came up with things like
unreliable or unmotivated. If you thought of these traits then you thought the
same thing i did. How others view you in the army is important and should be
taken into consideration. You wouldn’t want everyone you work with to think
this way about you now would you? Keeping track of the items you have is
extremely important for many reasons especially in the military because they
could make you write essays or counsel you for loosing something. There are so
many reasons that you should make accountability a priority when you are in the
military or in general for that matter. im going to go through a couple reasons
here in this essay. the following paragraphs will describe all the major reasons
that you should keep track of items and make sure everything is returned when
you are done using it. To begin you should always keep track of important items
like your wallet or keys or id cards. Your wallet carries so many valuable
items in it its insane if you were to lose that you would have to spend time
and money getting back all the valuable items inside the wallet that you
happend to loose track of while doing what ever it was that you were doing
while you lost the wallet with all the valuable items inside. you would save
yourself so much time and effort by not loosing something like your wallet. You
should avoid something like loosing your wallet at all costs. Always make a
mental note of where your wallet is at all times. always make sure you pat your
pocket before leaving a place so you can know for sure that the wallet is in
the pocket by feeling it via the pats. id cards are also a valuable item so
dont loose that either because you will save yourself alot of time and effort
and possibly even money if you loose it! and keys… keys are also a good thing
to keep track of because they are always a very bad thing to loose if they
belong to something important.. itll save you alot of time effort and money if
you dont loose your keys to anything that has keys. you could get locked out or
even worse locked in somewhere. Losing things in the military can be hazardes
to the mission especially if they are sensitive items so never loose things in
the military because its not just you on the line in this case you could be
hurting your battle buddies ability to complete the mission and then you will
be known as the guy who looses keys and ruins lives and hurts your battle
buddies ability to complete missions. you dont want to be know as that guy that
does all those bad things because itll cause you problems and if you are
loosing things it’ll most likely carry on to other parts in your life and it’ll
just be an over all disaster for everyone involved if you decided that you dont
care enough to pay attention and stay accountable of the items you are
responsible for. Organization is very important for a healthy mind. if you
organize your surroundings it will manifest itself in an organized healthy mind
and if you have a healthy organized mind your surroundings will naturally
display your organized metal state. you should always strive to improve
yourself mentally and physically because if you are not improving you are
loosing. life is like a muddy hill and you have to keep moving up because if
you stay still.. the mud will slide and you will go down with it. If you are
constantly working on yourself and looking for ways and opportunities to grow
most of your problems in life will start to fade away because you become the
solution. its all about movement and consistency. I feel as though organization
in my life.. the lack of organization in my life has been the root cause of
many of my problems/worries in life… being organized will do many things for
you. it will help you remember things. You will be able to find things a lot
more easily and efficiently. look at it this way if you have a 1000 folders in
a desk and they are not organized at all you will have to look through all of
them until you find the one you need. say that they were in alphabetical order
though.. you would beable to look at all 1000 of them and point to the one that
you need. you just saved so much time and effort by being organized. being
organized can also be good for you emotionally. it’ll reduce stress and make
you have less mental noise. your entire quality of life could improve
dramatically from this single skill. in my opinion organization is one of the
most important skills you can learn as a human being because itll alow you to
do things faster and more efficiently than if you didn’t have those skills of
organization. organization means a better life so work at it for your sake.
organization is a way to work with your mind and make its life easier. without
organization your brain will be beat down by all the clutter and you will live
with the fog of chaos clouding your mind and sabotaging your every effort in
life. create order out of the chaos you are a human being and are capable of
doing great things… but you must use this simple yet legendary skill to
accomplish your dreams in life. All in all we have learned in this essay that
you should remain organized everything else is just filler. the stem of the
issues im experiencing in life are due to the lack of organization…. but it
can be changed 1 step at a time. one day at a time. organization is an amazing
skill. organization is also a habit. you can use fear as a motivator. fear of
losing control. fear of being an inefficient human. love yourself and work on
building this skill every day. I want you today to take a step in making your
life a little more organized. first assignment is to clean your room completely
and organize it from the begining. take everything out of the room then put
each piece back one by one in an organized way. your mind will follow your
actions. then your mind will carry you to glory!Alright so you now understand
the effects that being late to formation can have on you and others, we can now
move on to the final part of this essay. The final and big Army reason that you
should not be late to a formation in the army is that others rely on you to be
where you need to be and to do your job. if you cant accomplish those things
then you wont make a very good part of the Army team.It might have seemed like
I was talking to someone in this essay and i was but probably not who you would
expect.. I am mostly talking to myself in this essay and here is why. I am
assuming that this is a way for me to think about “why you should always
show up to formation on time In the Army” and talking my self threw some
questions and ways that not showing up on time could effect me, the people
around me and my military career, helped me really think in depth about this
issue and allowed me to simply type what came to mind so i would not run out of
ideas of things to talk about on the subject. Army soldiers rely on one
another. Army soldiers need to be able trust one another to do their jobs and
be where they need to be. Lives can depend on it. Do not let the habits form
that will put your battle buddies at risk and give them reason to distrust you.
Lastly do not let being late to a formation ruin your career in the united
states Army.

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