Like Lennie Isaac is an outsider less intelligent than other people. The two characters and how they are treated by other people The two stories iam going to compare are ” Of Mice and Men” written by John Steinbeck in 1937 and ” The Ostler” written by Wilkie Collins in 1985. Both Lennie and Isaac have their differences as also they have their similarities. Lennie is treated as an outsider by many people as is Isaac. Lennie small is a very retarded, he travels around with George, and relies on him to keep him safe.

The similarities that lennie and Isaac have are as follows Lennie has a poor memory this is shown when he cannot remember his aunt Clara, who used to give him a mouse ” I remember a lady used to give then to me everyone she got but that lady aint here” this lady is his Aunt Clara. Lennie also has abnormal strength, this is shown by the description of Lennie at the start of the story, ” huge man, shapeless of face, with a large pale face with large pale face and with large sloping shoulders and walking heavily”. Also Lennie is often compared to animals ” dragging his feet like the was a bear drags his paws”.

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These references show that Lennie is big, but as the story develops Lennie crushes Curleys hand, snaps the dogs neck and breaks Curleys wife’s neck. Lennie is also dependant on George everywhere George goes lennie has to follow. Lennie relies on George to get him a job and look after him. Lennie is severely retarded he has got poor speech and he is also illiterate. Lennie is an itinerant worker he goes around with George from ranch to ranch. He also has low intelligence, he can’t seem to remember anything he doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.

Lennie works with horses at the ranch and also loves petting animals. In both stories women lead to their downfall in Lennie’s case it is Curleys wife. Isaac also has got a poor memory this is shown by as he cannot remember the dream he had about Rebecca ” Your memory is but a poor one Isaac” this is what Mrs Scratchard, he couldn’t remember the dream. Isaac also has strength this is shown when he hits Rebecca, Isaac is relatively dependant on Mrs Scratchard, who is his mother. Like Lennie Isaac is also uneducated he can’t read or write.

Isaac is also like lennie by him also being an itinerant worker, he works in the stables with horses and in private houses, Isaac is of low intelligence and he also works with animals. We can only assume that Isaac is big by him being able to hit Rebecca, but there are no direct references to Isaacs’s size. Both characters have many similarities but they also have their differences. Whilst lennie is totally dependant on George, Isaac is only relatively dependant on Mrs scratchard. Lennie is unmarried and has never really had anyone to get to close to apart from George.

Lennie is severely retarded and he can think of anything for himself he can only take orders. Lennie has no family only his aunt Clara, the only family lennie has got left is George. George has to find lennies job for him due to him being unable to find one for himself. Lennies abundant strength gives him problems; he doesn’t know when to stop, whereas Isaac only hits Rebecca once and regrets it fully once he has done it. Lennie finds it hard to control his emotions whilst Isaac doesn’t. Lennie has got friends whereas Isaac hasn’t got any friends the only friends he got are his mother and Rebecca.

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